Physical And Biological Components Of The Quadrat Area

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GAC023 Assessment Event 2

Local Environment Survey

Name: Toby Ma
Teacher’s name: Steven Tan
Due date: 24/12/2013
Word count: 1,209

This report was aimed to investigate the component and feature of a chosen area near a lake in Qinhuangdao No.1 Middle School. The result of the research showed the physical and biological components of the quadrat area and what were the negative impact drawn by human activity on the ecosystem. During the investigation, ruler and camera were used to collect data and pictures. Also, three tables, a food chain, and a food web were drawn to clearly illustrate the findings. In the third part, the classifications of the five …show more content…

Available from: [Accessed 24 Dec 2013]

Ecosystem, (2013), Ecosystem [online]. Available from: [Accessed 23 Dec 2013]

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Willow, (2013), Willow [online]. Available from: [Accessed 24 Dec 2013]

(The table above shows the classifications of the chosen plants based on the Classification Scheme from Kingdom to Species. However, because some species are not common in China, some of their classifications have not been found yet.)
Pondering over the distribution, the trees and bushes are planted at the edge of the quadrat area, and the birds and the unknown insect are respectively found on the branches of willow and in the clusters of weed. The food chain and food web are illustrated below:
Food Chain: the roots of weed and the leaves on the branches the unknown insect birds
Food Web: The roots of weed Vegetation
The leaves on the

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