Essay on Science in Society

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Science in Society

Within the last century scientific discovery has been growing at an exponential rate. Evolution, genetics, physics, and chemistry have all greatly affected the way people view the universe and human role in it. Furthermore, the application of scientific discoveries has physically changed society. For example, humans went from being flightless to eighty years later having transportation in super sonic jets available. Rapid scientific change has caused many issues surrounding morality and science to arise. The idea behind the skepticism is that just because something can be done doesnt mean it should be. Nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and cloning have all fallen under fire due to this concept. People worry that
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Other phrases throughout the first four pages use words like "nightmare", "destroy", "haunt", and "anguish" to attract readers to how seriously society takes awareness of science. These phrases get readers to feel the urgency of the views against science in society. The dark phrasing successfully shows that society has taken a responsible view against incorrect scientific application.

In about the fifth page of the essay, Dyson switches to using positive words to get readers to believe his true stories of success in stopping immoral science application. He uses words like "credit", "peace", and "finest hour", giving readers a positive feel. This positive feel is reflected into the reader's opinion about the odds of correcting science. The positive words influence readers to believe success against biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and other problems are easy obstacles.

Dyson's also convinces readers society is successful in stopping science by using words that show he is reputable as a writer. Dyson writes about a wide variety of events and novels and describes things with a wide range of scientific words. Dyson does this to show that he is a reliable source. He uses terms like Citizens Committee, Public Health Authorities, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and many more convincingly complicated words to showing his
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