Science Fair Project : The Freezing Of Water

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The Freezing Of Water
Period 4 This science fair project is important in ways that people should use to form certain things that could help people see that there is a better conservation of goods. This could help better the community by using different substances from housing areas then put them to use. The freezing point Is determined by how much of particles were broken down In the mixture. When its in freezing point the potential of that solution will be equal in both states. Also this project would solve certain issues people may have with freezing water in different ways. This could help scientist figure out what and how the freezing point of water could help preserve the goods that we use in everyday life. In everyday life people freeze stuff but what if there was a way to freeze things without using just coolness but other tempatures. Also if people would consider using salt and sugar to tell if there is a difference I’m tempature it could spark a new way to do things in this economic system we have. Footnote – substance Is the molecular weight in grams. Molar Mass is basically in grams per mole for example salt has a molar mass of 5.8g per mole. The mass of an element refers to 6.0221415x1023 molecules of the substance. Molar Mass helps us figure out how many grams per mole we need to do this project and it helps us know how much we need to put into the solution. If you don’t Find

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