Science-Fiction And Fiction : Pessimism In Science Fiction

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The great philosopher, Isaac Asimov, once affirmed that modern science fiction “is the only form of literature that consistently considers the nature of the changes that face us” (Insert Citation). Science fiction is the imaginative extrapolation of a true natural phenomena that is existing in the present, or that is likely to exist in the future. When indulging in the world of science fiction literature, it is recommended to consider whether a story is pessimistic or optimistic. Generally, people will discover that science fiction stories, such as “Devolution,” “Passengers,” and “Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” are pessimistic due to the reality of the situations that occur within the plot. Tragedy is a form of trauma that is inevitably …show more content…

Plagued by the devastation of his discovery, Woodin commits suicide as he no longer wishes to exist in a polluted world (109). “Devolution” represents the idea of the world evolving in a negative point of view as it shows how even the knowledge of how the human race has devolved inhibited the spirit of a man to cause him to take his own life. Hamilton presents his science-fiction in a pessimistic light as Woodin, in his final moments, only saw the negative aspects of what had come to be in the world.
The plot and literary elements present in Robert Silverberg’s “Passengers” are pertinent to the symptoms of a drug addiction. Throughout the short story, “Passengers,” these individuals can be referred to as the root of all evil, which is metaphorical for a drug addiction. Passengers will take hold of their victims and drain their ability to function with an independent body or mind (Silverberg 168). Passengers are beings that completely take over the entirety of the human body and mind, causing victims of the passenger to lose all control. These individuals provoke their victims to obtain strange, inordinate behaviors that would not be accepted by normal standards of society (169). People who are addicted to any type of drug will obtain strange behavior patterns. The literary elements within this narrative represent multiple aspects of a drug addiction. Silverberg explains that “we

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