Frederick Taylor Research Paper

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Frederick Taylor was the founder of Scientific management also known as Taylorism. He was the first who settled a reasonable approach, a coherent manner in which the factories should be organised. The best way for a worker to do their jobs according to Taylor was to provide proper tools and training, and to provide motivation for good performance. He introduced the concept of scientific management that influenced the management thought process in a considerable way. Taylor found out that by the use of scientific procedures and methods, the proficiency of workers can be increased and economy can gain substantial growth. The principles of scientific management introduced by Taylor were applied widely across the industries to increase the productivity of the organizations.Various researchers suggest that Taylor’s efforts unlocked the new prospects of management. Taylor created a mental revolution between the workers by outlining crystal guidelines for the improvement of production The principles of scientific management evolved during the embryonic phases of industrial revolution …show more content…

Scientific Management principles prospered a new figure in American industry called Industrial Engineer, who used to focus on formulating standards for the managers aiming to gain efficiency in labour control during the 1950s and 1960s also adopted a modified version of scientific management and utilized Taylor's ideas. However, during the phase of technological advancement in the 1960s and 1970s, mass production and labour management introduced new challenges for the Taylor's model, questioning the lack of flexibility for worker management Marshall criticized scientific management for extreme partitioning of labour and standardizing the work process, which according to him would restrict individual skill growth for workers and eventually would throw him to boredom and a lack of

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