Scientific Method and Unobtrusive Measures

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SOCI 1301 Principles of Sociology

Chapter 5 Quiz

1) Which of the following statements is the best example of a hypothesis?

A) "All men are created equal."

B) "A penny saved is a penny earned."

C) "Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men."

D) "More than 300 million people live in the United States."

2) In the statement, "Poverty causes crime," the words "poverty" and "crime" are best described as ________ because they are subject to change.

A) unobtrusive measures

B) variables

C) parametric measures

D) correlations

3) In the research model, the step in which the researcher specifies what he or she wants to learn about a specific topic of study is called ________.

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D) It ensures that every person in the sample represents a specific racial, gender, or religious group.

8) Jarod is conducting research on the homeless. For six weeks, he has lived among the homeless "24/7," sleeping on the street or at a shelter, and engaging in the same activities as the population he is studying. By doing so, Jarod has been able to gather a broad understanding of the homeless, their needs, and characteristics. In view of this, Jarod is using ________ as a method of gathering data.

A) representative sampling

B) secondary analysis

C) content analysis

D) participant observation

9) What are the three qualities on which research ethics is based?

A) rapport; generalizability; validity

B) honesty; truth; openness

C) random sample; observation; fieldwork

D) consistency; accuracy; clarity

10) Which two research methods did Laud Humphreys utilize in his classic "tearoom" study?

A) participant observation and surveys

B) experiments and documents

C) secondary analysis and surveys

D) unobtrusive measures and secondary analysis

11) Why did a number of sociologists think Laud Humphreys ' research on tearooms was unethical?

A) He did not identify himself as a researcher.

B) His study findings could not be replicated.

C) He used students to gather and tabulate the data and did not give them credit.

D) He plagiarized in some of his

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