Scientific Naturalism : The Strengths Of Scientific Naturalism

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I. Introduction

This paper will show that scientific naturalism has inherent weaknesses caused by the naturalistic attempt to extract life answers via biology. Scientific naturalism is the view that knowledge obtained via the scientific method is reliable and that science can explain everything. Everyone holds a worldview that is shaped by certain beliefs they choose to faithfully embrace. Without exception, a person’s worldview will have the potential to clarify, distort, or inhibit their ability to see objective truth. An effective worldview is one that will provide an explanation of the facts that allows one to view and understand reality. If a Christian does not have a firm understanding of their faith, it will be very easy to become confused when someone who adheres to the scientific naturalism point of view presents “proofs and evidence” that there is not a God. It can be shown that the Christian world-view provides a more articulate explanation than scientific naturalism for the properties of the universe and the answer to the age-old question, “why are we here.”
II. Summary of Scientific Naturalism Scientific naturalism, or simply naturalism, is revived materialism which is dependent upon science, and draws its modern stature from it. Although naturalism draws its value from science, it goes beyond the confines of legitimate scientific research methods and findings. It does not see the material world as true science does, naturalism states that the material

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