Nihilism And Naturalism

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The religious context of The Sun Also Rises is mostly based off of Naturalism in some cases it can even be viewed as Nihilism. Naturalism is the belief of a “soulless universe” meaning everything that exists is all just physical matter. Based off of these beliefs there is also no God because there is no need for one. Therefore because there is no God there is no purpose or meaning for your life because when you die you don't go to heaven or hell you just die. Because in Naturalism God is non-existent you would then have to explain the creation of the universe in some other way. Most Naturalists primarily believe in the big bang and evolution but in this belief comes the first contradiction of naturalism. The theory of evolution is in direct conflict with naturalism. For evolution to work it requires life to continuously multiply in turn giving your life purpose and contradicting the belief in naturalism. another flaw in the belief of naturalism is that there is no real thought or soul. Because of this there would be no need for ethics or morals because if we have no control over our own thought because they are not real than we cant be responsible for our own actions. If this is true than we should not be sending criminals to prisons because they did not truly commit the crimes themselves. A slightly more aggressive or radical form of Naturalism is Nihilism. Nihilism is much like Naturalism however the differences between the two are very important. One example of

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