Scientist, Jared Diamond, Explains How Europeans Gained Power with Guns, Germs, and Stee

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Many Caucasian’s have thought and believed positively they were superior to many other races. Most of these people were from a geographic area that had advanced technology, large populations, and a large workforce. This area started in the Middle East and spread laterally within a similar environment that provided a fertile habitat for farmer gatherers. Jared Diamond discovered that approximately 13,000 years ago man started out as hunter-gatherers following seasonal game migration to provide food for their survival. Man would find whatever food that grew in that area to supplement the game animals for sustenance, but this activity would take a majority of his time and would be conditional to the regions environment and his own …show more content…

This in turn freed up many workers to produce other necessities. One very important item was steel. From it came better tools for farming and weapons. The Middle East lost its advantage due to drought conditions. Egypt used the wheat, barley, sheep, goats, cows, and pigs to transform human society. Egypt produced enough food to free a workforce that built one of the wonders of the world, the pyramids. These engineers and inventers discovered resources in their environment to produce clay, steel, gunpowder, and paper. The scholars of the culture spread philosophy, religion, and politics. Paper and the invention of printing preserved knowledge and history, along with better steel and guns gave the power to dominate other cultures in less fortunate environments. Building sea worthy boats enabled the armies to conquer these cultures and take their resources for their own gain. Trading with other powerful cultures producing goods increased the diverse resources with which to become a superpower and to continue to dominate the sea and many different lands. But with the large cities and close proximity of people, and farms with animals in herds and humans close together, came the quick spread of diseases. These diseases tempered populations, but also some humans built up immunities, which were passed to their offspring. Therefore, even though many people died, it did advance the civilization with anti-bodies protecting the culture, but as carriers

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