The Influence of the Hyksos Invasion of Egypt

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At the end of the Middle Kingdom, the Hyksos people invaded Egypt. The Hyksos most likely migrated from Western Asia in Syria-Palestine, but have no clear origin where they are from. The Egyptians called these people hikau-khausut which means "ruler of the foreign countries”. The Hyksos were technologically advanced and because of that they had a strong military. The Egyptians had been isolated from the growing and progressing world by the deserts which surround the country. Because of this isolation, the Egyptians were unprepared for any attack and had a weaker military force. Instead of protecting themself they relied on their natural borders to shelter them from invasion. When the Hyksos invaded Egypt, they left a lasting impact on Egypt’s lifestyle by introducing the Egyptians to different trade methods, diversifying their economy, and exposed exposing them to new military techniques.
The trade and economy of the Egyptians were influenced by the invaders. The Hyksos brought with them the knowledge of metals, weapons, and a horse drawn cart know as and a chariot. These developments increased trade, economic expansion and the growth of cities. The trading of Bronze and Copper contributed to a major part the of the development and enlargement of Egyptian cities. Bronze and copper were used to made tools and weapons. The new technology spread by trading, traveling, conquest, and migration. The introduction of the crossbow to the Egyptians created a new revolution in

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