Screen Time Shutdown Research Paper

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Screen Time Shutdown Essay I encourage that our school will participate in the screen time shutdown week. Nicholas Carr says the following, “If we’re distracted, we understand less, remember less, and learn less.” It would be extremely beneficial to the students, and even the teachers, to shutdown. If we unplug we’re not distracted, we understand more, remember more, and learn more. Carr continues, “If you’re interested in developing your mind, you should turn off your computer and your cellphone-and start thinking.” Evidence for in support of this is, a study has been done at the University of California, and Connor Campbell was one of the test subjects that has been impacted by technology. In his bedroom on his desk sits two monitors, along with his IPhone that he constantly is texting his girlfriend with. He could no longer focus on his homework anymore. “What really makes us intelligent isn’t our ability to find lots of information quickly. It’s our ability to think …show more content…

Matt Richtel tells the story of how the Campbell’s spring break went. “We didn’t go out to dinner,” Mrs. Campbell mourned. “We just sat there on our devices.” Her husband joined them at the aquarium for a little while until he begged to do e-mail on his phone, and later she found him playing games. But finally they unplugged, “It changes the mood when everybody is present,” Mrs. Campbell said. Richtel goes on to say, “In the modern world, the chime of incoming e-mail can override the goal of writing a business plan or playing catch with the children.” The ultimate risk of heavy technology use is that it diminishes empathy by limiting how much people engage with one another, even in the same room,” Mr. Nass from Stanford thinks. If the students put down their electronics, and encourage the rest of their family to do the same, it could be an opportunity for them

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