Script Analysis Of 'The Great Gatsby'

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Script Analysis: “The Great Gatsby” Act 1: Scene 1: EXT. SANITARIUM - WINTER - DAY It shows the location of the story and the houses. Scene 2: INT. SANITARIUM - DOCTOR’S OFFICE - WINTER - DAY NICK describes GATSBY to the DOCTOR as the most hopeful person he ever met. Scene 2: EXT. NEW YORK CITY - DAY New York is busy with rising stocks and large mansion parties. Scene 3: INT. WALL STREET - DAY NICK is seen as an ambitious worker. Scene 4: EXT. LONG ISLAND - WEST EGG - DAY Small home in the West Egg of Long Island. Scene 5: EXT. NICK’S BUNGALOW - DAY NICK moves into his small home. Scene 6: INT. NICK’S BUNGALOW - DAY NICK unpacks heavy books and turns on the radio. Scene 7: INT. PROBITY TRUST BUILDING - NICK’S OFFICE - DAY NICK is at his busy work place answering phone telephones. …show more content…

NICK’S BUNGALOW - DAY NICK continues to unpack his thick books Scene 9: EXT. NICK’S BUNGALOW - PORCH - DAY NICK sits on the porch reading when a woman driving by scares him. She was on her way to the large mansion nearby. Scene 10: INT. SANITARIUM - DOCTOR’S OFFICE - WINTER - DAY NICK stares out the window as the doctor questions him. Scene 11: EXT. NICK’S BUNGALOW - LATE AFTERNOON Pans to the mansion across the bay Scene 12: EXT. BUCHANAN MANSION - LATE AFTERNOON TOM and NICK meet. TOM angry receives a call. Scene 13: INT. BUCHANAN MANSION - HALL OF CHAMPIONS - LATE AFTERNOON TOM displays his sporting achievements. Scene 14: INT. BUCHANAN MANSION - SALON - LATE AFTERNOON NICK MEETS DAISY AND JORDAN. THEY MENTION GATSBY IN THEIR CONVERSATION. Scene 15: EXT. BUCHANAN MANSION - TERRACE - NIGHT NICK, TOM, DAISY, JORDAN HAVE DINNER. Scene 16: EXT. BUCHANAN MANSION - BALUSTRADE - LATER NICK goes and comforts DAISY. Scene 17: EXT. GATSBY’S CASTLE - DOCK - NIGHT NICK sees a man in the window of GATSBY’S

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