Script Analysis of Oedipus the King Essay

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Script Analysis of Oedipus Rex

The complete fate of "Oedipus Rex," is foreshadowed by Teiresias, the prophet in Scene II:
But it will soon be shown that he is a Theban,
A revelation that will fail to please. A blind man,
Who has his eyes now; a penniless man, who is rich now;
And he will go tapping the strange earth with his staff
To the children with whom he lives now he will be
Brother and father- the very same; to her
Who bore him, son and husband- the very same
Who came to his father's bed, wet with his father's blood.

This paper will discuss the elements of Scene II from "Oedipus Rex," a play by Sophocles. The script analysis will include: a list of events from the development through to the climax of
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Teiresias did not want to share his disturbing knowledge with Oedipus as revealed in Scene II:
Oedipus: In God's name, we all beg you-
Teiresias: You are all ignorant.
No; I will never tell you what I know,
Now it is my misery; then it will be yours.

Oedipus in his thirst for knowledge sealed his own fate. The prophet was relentless as he dispelled the truth of the murder of Laios. In disbelief, Oedipus disputed the powers of Teirsias:

Tell us: Has your mystic mummery ever approached the truth? When that hellcat the Sphinx was performing here, What help were you to these people? (41. 71-76)

He revelled in his own glorious feat of the dispelling of the Sphinx:

But I came by, Oedipus the simple man, who knows nothing I thought it out for myself, no birds helped me! And this man you think that you can destroy, (41.82-86)

These quotes exemplify the dissention between Oedipus and Teiresias, as pride and conflict collide. It is of interest to note that, while Oedipus believes that he has power over the prophet. It is ironic that it is in reality the reverse. Teiresias held the power of knowledge over Oedipus. He had the power of introducing a poison in the conscience of Oedipus that would lead to his demise. The interaction of characters in this scene has proven to be an effective tool for revelation of character.
The setting of the
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