Search for an Alternative Fuel Source for Automobiles

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Search for an Alternative Fuel Source for Automobiles Since it’s invention and birth in 1886 automobiles have influenced the world in a huge way. It saved people a lot of energy, time and money. Motorized wagons replaced horse carriages and within a few decades Ford started making affordable models of cars with higher efficiency, which revolutionized the concept of transportation. The first ever car that was built was powered by steam. But with development in science and technology other efficient fuel sources were invented. The present day cars run on petrol (gasoline), diesel, and electricity and even sound. With the increased depletion of coal and coal-derived products, the continued use of automobiles is becoming uncertain. Energy…show more content…
However the anti-knocking properties of diesel is measured by its cetane number. The cetane number is the measurement of the anti knocking and the combustion quality of diesel. It is the equivalent of octane number for gasoline. The average value of cetane number for a diesel fuel ranges from 42 to 45 but for premium diesel cetane number can be up to 60. Another important property of fuels is the calorific value. The calorific value is the amount of heat or energy produced when the fuel is combusted. Therefore the calorific value determines the output power produced by the fuel. It is either measured as either gross calorific value or net calorific value. The most commonly method of comparing calorific values of fuels is net calorific value. The net calorific value of gasoline is 44400 KJ/Kg. This means that 44400 kilojoules of energy is produced for every kilogram of fuel burnt. In comparison, the calorific value of diesel is 43400 (Bureau of Energy efficiency, p.4). The calorific value of diesel is lower than the calorific value of gasoline and hence gasoline has a higher output power than diesel. The output power is one of the most important factors on which efficiency is dependent. Hence it can be said that the efficiency if petrol is higher than that of diesel. Since early 20th century the popularity of electric vehicles have been raising. Electric cars were prevalent in early 20th century when
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