Seatbelt Research Paper

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Rule number one about getting into a car is always wear a seatbelt. This notion is engrained in us from the moment we first step foot inside a vehicle. Evidence can also be shown that proves, if in a car crash, those wearing a seatbelt are more likely to survive then those who are not. So, why would a mother decide to drive recklessly with her young child unbuckled and sitting right beside her?
After an argument with her boyfriend, Justine Olesky decided to track him down by driving around in her car. According to reports, her three-year-old daughter was present at the time, so instead of leaving the child all alone, she tossed her into the car and drove off. The child was sitting in the passenger’s side with no seatbelt on.
Frantically searching for her boyfriend, witnesses said it appeared that she was driving close to 100 mph. When she caught sight of the man she was after, she hit the brakes so abruptly that the small child flew out of her seat and collided head first with the windshield. The result was a major crack in the glass and a gash on the kid’s head. …show more content…

She also allegedly completely denied ever getting in the car and driving after her boyfriend. Police, obviously, did not believe her story and arrested her. The child was taken to a hospital and treated for her injury. She is expected to be just fine. As for Olesky, she is expected to appear in court over the next few weeks to receive sentencing for placing her child in extreme danger. Hopefully, this incident will teach her a major lesson in road

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