Second Amendment Essay

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In the United States, the Founding Fathers enacted the legislation that the nation was founded upon. Documents such as the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution. The Second Amendment of the Constitution has become so deeply entrenched in American society has become an increasingly relevant and complex issue in the modern world. The Second Amendment gives the right to American citizens to have the right to bear arms. To “bear arms” means to own weapons, specifically firearms, as history has come to understand it. Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers that contributed to this Amendment. The third President, Thomas Jefferson was thought to be a believer of classical liberalism. He believed that the heart of society was …show more content…

Developing stricter gun laws in the United States can lower the amount of crime that is committed using firearms, as well as to prevent accidental death, homicides and suicides. Gun control is effective, and many nations have the statistics to prove that. Firearms have a place in society, but it is not in the name of self-protection. The source is somewhat incorrect, as gun control is necessary, but it does not mean that all firearms should be eliminated. Since January 1, 2017, the United States witnessed approximately 300 mass shootings, which can be characterized as an incident where a gunman kills four or more randomly-selected individuals in the same general time and location. This comes to about 7-8 shootings a week. In comparison Canada has had one in the same time period. This staggering disparity can be attributed to the differences in firearm laws between the two nations. Canada has much stricter laws. For example, if a Canadian was to purchase a semi-automatic weapon, they would need to first obtain a specific firearms licence, have the authorization to transport and be a member of a registered gun club. In the same situation, an American would simply need to complete a background check within the gun store, and buy the weapon. Firearms can be easily bought in the United States, and that has facilitated the number of mass shootings they witness yearly. Opposition to the idea of a more

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