Secrets Of The Tobacco Industry

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Secrets of the Tobacco Industry
In Vanguard’s documentary, Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes: Secrets of the Tobacco Industry by director, Alex Simmons, Vanguard sends correspondent, Christof Putzel to Jakarta, Indonesia to investigate the tobacco industry there. The documentary talks about how America no longer allows cigarette and tobacco ads and commercials, instead the country focuses scare tactic ads that stop people from smoking or keeps them from starting. The tobacco industry is losing millions of dollars in America so they’re moving overseas to poorer countries like Indonesia to make their money there. Putzel goes to see what all the tobacco industry is doing and how they’re corrupting the young people like ‘the smoking baby’, Aldi, as well as students of the country.
The documentary is very clearly biased against big name tobacco companies like Philip Morris International. During Putzel’s travels he even goes to confront the company, Philip Morris, and asks if “all of the events that Philip Morris sponsors in Indonesia follow the guidelines” that say they do not market to minors (Plunkett and Simmons 2011) and tries to get Anne Edwards, the spokesperson for Philip Morris International, to even admit that they openly market to minors with their musical guests like Flo Rida during their events as well as a new television show, A Mild Live Rising Star, which is a lot like American Idol, but sponsored by Philip Morris International. It’s very difficult, however, to be unbiased
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