Section #1 To Clean Or Not To Clean?. The Clean Eating

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Section #1 To Clean Or Not To Clean? The Clean Eating Myth If you have tried to diet before you know it was probably hard. You may have snacked on things you were not supposed to or you knew they were bad for you. I know I have, but either way, they were not part of your “clean, healthy diet”. Those are the terms used to describe a diet, “clean and healthy”. Honestly, I’m not even sure what “clean” means. I personally just think bodybuilder eating no seasoned chicken, and broccoli from a bowl of Tupperware trying to hold back the tears as they get a whiff of cheese cake. So what is clean eating? Did you wash it? Scrub it? Use soap? When you hear the word “Healthy or Clean” you most certainly think: chicken, rice, vegetables, fruit, and …show more content…

I have heard of some weird stories happening, even some go to extremes to bringing a food scale. If that’s not a way to ruin a date I don’t know what is. Now if you are like me im not going to bring Tupperware. The truth is im going to go out and enjoy, but the difference between it being okay, and ruining your diet; is simple science. Now if you are a bodybuilder following a more strenuous type of diet preparing for a show. You might refrain from going out to eat. Mostly I doubt each serving of food is going to be the exact same portions. Or going to be the same exact caloric intake as what it says on the menu. The biggest issue I normally see with clean eating is refraining from foods that you personally enjoy. When I was at our family outing I really wanted to eat some of the pie! Now most people end up starving themselves because they eliminate “bad and unhealthy foods” from their diet; thinking it will make them fat, and have health problems. So how can eating “clean or healthy” make you fat? Two words “binge eating”. Example: You are doing good and eliminated every “bad” food on the planet. The weekend comes around and you get invited to dinner and there are tons of food options. You see yourself in front of cheeseburgers, fries, sauces, maybe some brownies? Then what happens? One won’t hurt you right? You don’t just eat one; you end up eating 4 or 5 brownies, a couple

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