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Target Retail Corporation

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Mr. Richardson

ITM 6000

Executive Summary

The Target Retail Store goal is to make life better for their customers. Target wants to improve the “guest” retail experience. Their intent is to improve customer shopping, and make it more convenient. Target Corporation emphasizes critical thinking and exploration to improve customer experience; and creating a shopping environment to meet the needs o customers. Target wants to become the preferred shopping destination for all customer needs. To achieve this, they have to deliver value, continuous innovation, and an exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling their “expect more, pay less” promise.
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His main goal initially was to win customers back after the data breach in 2013. Protecting data security is an industry-wide issue. Regardless if it’s banking, food service, or retail; it’s a collective effort for the industry to work together to protect customer credit/debit data.
Some of their competitors are Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Sears. Wal-Mart is the number one retailer in the U.S., and Target is the second largest retailer. “The retail landscape has seen drastic changes in the last decade or two. There are still plenty of mom and pop stores, malls, and department stores around today, but they are dominated in the retail landscape by mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, and Target” (Auerbach, 2013). There are variations of retail stores within the retail industry. Stores range from department stores, to discount stores, to specialty stores, and seasonal retailers. Target has over 1800 stores in the U.S. Vermont is the only state that doesn’t have a Target store.
Another retail, Wal-Mart, continues to grow and grow. “It's the biggest retailer around, by far, and leads the market in category after category. The company reported revenue of nearly $350 billion in 2007, seven times the amount of revenue the second most profitable discount retail store, Target, reported the same year”(Auerbach, 2013). “Wal-Mart recorded revenues of $476,294m in the fiscal year ending January 2014, an increase of
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