Security Protection Of A Cyber Security System

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Cyber Security
Every company needs some sort of security protection for their information system. According to Sam Musa, “The goal of information security is to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.” Data breaches happen all the time and companies set up security systems to protect their data. There are three important factors needed to have a successful security system. The first, protecting and defending data through a cyber-security system. Second, operating and maintaining the systems set up to protect and defend data. Lastly, the investigation of data breaches and crimes that happen around the world will help adapt and improve security systems made to protect your data. The effects a cybercrime can incur are very costly and the steps needed to recover are discussed later. Cyber security is extremely important to Management Information Systems (MIS) because if you do not have security for your systems all your data could be stolen, lost, or worse shown to the public. In working in MIS, company data is all around you and it is your job to keep that data safe.
Protecting and Defending Data. In keeping a company’s data secure, the first important aspect is protecting and defending your data. According to Kris Lovejoy, “Early detection and rapid response are the best defense against rising cyber threats and sophisticated attacks.” It is important to identify threats to your system to help prevent more attacks. One way to prevent data breaches is

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