Essay about Security in peer to peer networks

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Thesis statement: Users of Peer to Peer networks must be aware of the security and how to deal with the attacks. Introduction Technologies are getting more advance each day, in this assignment will be sharing and discuss about the security in peer to peer networks. Security run an important role in every network applications because this is the place where people and the systems are all link up together and can access each other data and also programs. According to Madron (1992) points out that: One of the primary objectives of computer networks (and especially of local area networks) is to provide easy and convenient access to computer systems within an organizations, and it is that same ease of use that can sometimes conflict with…show more content…
When everyone is accessible to remote peers, the host becomes more open for all kinds of attacks. In addition, as clients, peers may download different forms of files or get their process executed by different remote systems, which may prove to be hostile. The best things to do to prevent all this things to happen, is to stay out from peer to peer network. But with this kind of solution will depose us of all P2P computing or network privileges. P2P systems example like Gnutella, Wired:P2P pages and Groove Networks are here to stay. “Gnutella A free software application using peer-to-peer technology for sharing MP3 and video files. Wired: P2P Pages This global file-sharing guide lists 240-plus downloads, services, and information resources - most of them free - designed for experienced P2Pers and novices alike. Technical specs are provided for software developers to build many of these services. Groove Networks Develops Internet-based software for people to collaborate with one another.” (,,26518,00.html ) If P2P are going to be used widely or commercially, the requirements of security of the hosts should make their transactions secure and applications endanger the security of the host. The Peer-to-Peer networks threat      Peer-to-peer networks software or files are available for free in the network itself, because of this there are threats in P2P networks. During transferring files or loading
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