Seeing the Liberation of the Peon by Diego Rivera Essay

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Brianna Green Professor Tim Cruise Introduction to Art 15 April 2014 Seeing The Liberation of Peon by Diego Rivera The Liberation of Peon, by artist Diego Rivera is portrayed through a Fresco media with dimensions of 73'' x 94 ¼ ". It was painted in 1931 and is on display in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Looking at this artwork brings a mood of sadness. Five men, four horses, burning villages, and sandy hills occupy the scene. The focal point of the painting appears to be a slave being cut down and freed form a wooden post. The directions of the staring men’s eyes all point me to the direction of the slave being freed. Looking at this artwork I feel that even though the scene seems hostile and dangerous there is positivity because…show more content…
It is suggested through the use of curved lines and light. 4. Space- Perspective is demonstrated in many ways. This artwork takes up almost the whole canvas. The horses on the edge look like they were maybe even squeezed in. All of the characters in this artwork look to be congregated to the middle of the painting, besides the villages in the distance. Linear perspective is used in the placement of the villages in the background and in all the men and horses, which are grouped in the middle of the screen. Looking at the features in the painting I notice the use of overlapping and vertical placement, which both imply depth. The horses overlap each other as well as the gentlemen and other elements of the painting. The brown horse’s head overlaps the black one hiding its mouth. The villages and hills in the background appear to be very far away (diminishing size); they look smaller and distant from the rest of the main aspects of the painting. 5. Time and Motion- The element of time is somewhat apparent in which the painting depicts events that happened during the daytime because of the lighting and brightness used in the painting. The red and black colors incorporated in the smoke and fire from the villages implement a sense of time, because although there is smoke and fire the buildings are still in solid form, not destroyed, symbolizing that the fire may not have been burning for very long. When dealing with the element of motion I automatically begin to think

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