The Elder Sister By William Bouguereau's The Elder Sister

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This essay reviews the painting by William Bouguereau’s The Elder Sister. It reviews the elements of design and principles practiced in the artwork. This essay assesses the correct use of the elements and the influence that they have on the entire perception of the painting. The artist has applied an amazing background as well as perfect balance of the piece. The elder sister's arm balances with her leg, the baby's foot balances with older sisters foot, the clouds balance with the bushes. This explains the initial acclaim of this painting. Upon viewing the picture one gets a feeling that the artist meant to depict a young girl who is captivated by her little sibling. This is clear from the use of the angelic almost celestial background that unquestionably creates an affectionate mood. The enchanting smile across the young girl s face communicates the elder sisters bliss. The painter has accomplished quite a bit with the use of the fundamentals in this painting.
The heavenly portrayal of the background and foreground shows a flawless use of space. The distance between the foreground and background was well selected for this piece. This is die to the fact that the two children are not close enough to exaggerate the way they look but they are also not too far away. The distance covered in the background communicates a message of clarity and relaxation that is evident in the children's faces. Two dimensional portrayal of the painting appears to fit the calculated purpose. The

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