Seeking Out Personal Credit Card Information

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return online purchases. “If the retailer doesn’t provide a return label, sending something back can be a royal pain, especially when the ill-fitting issue could have been avoided if you had had the opportunity to try it on before purchasing in the first place” (Bridget 1). As well as spending too much money, people are also being attacked by non-reliable websites. Giving out personal credit card information is very unsafe, especially if the person has no idea who they are giving it to. Shoppers have periodically bought items they have never received, and they have no way of getting their money back. Furthermore, the person who runs the scam website now has the shopper’s credit card information. This is an easy way for shoppers to fall …show more content…

There are plenty of insane people on the internet who are seeking for personal information and have a very believable way of doing so. If children were to give out personal information to unknown people, it would give these strangers easy access to do something extreme or awful. Since the internet has mature, adult content and kids are not fully matured, then kids should not be allowed on the internet without parental supervision. Children, at young ages, do not recognize the dangers the internet displays, and parents should not allow their kids to roam freely on unsafe websites. Most online children’s games do an excellent job of keeping children from seeing and hearing unnecessary material. One popular game children use is Club Penguin; this game allows players to create their individual penguin, move willingly into exotic places, play different types of games, and chat. One favorable feature of this game is the chat option. Children playing this game are given a list of phrases to say but are not able to type their own words. This keeps children from seeing language they are not familiar with and learning new material they do not need to know at their age. However, people are able to buy the membership package allowing those players to type whatever they prefer. Luckily, though, Club Penguin bans anyone who uses poor, unacceptable language. Not all games have these wonderful features, though.

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