Selected Articles On Azhar Museum Of Textiles

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Selected Examples in Azhar Museum of Textiles
1st Piece
The primary piece is a rectangular piece measure 9 cm length, 3.5 cm width; this piece is a stay of a material piece improved with embroidered artwork weave bears a portion of Tuthmosis III 's name, the granddad of Tuthmosis IV with red and blue hues (fig 1- 1b). The piece is made out of cloth woven utilizing plain weave technique. It is beautified utilizing embroidered artwork as a part of the type of works of the name of Tuthmosis III the granddad of Tuthmosis IV. The weaver made the ground tissue utilizing plain weave 1/1 strategy, then; weaving fabrics are enhanced part autonomously in the distributed position utilizing shaded strings including red, light blue, cocoa, and dull blue. The level of every two hues was changing as per the mordants utilized. The vertical parts came about because of utilizing that system were then overseen utilizing concealed join. The vertical weaver was the best sort of weaving machines is utilized for this system. By looking at the principal piece we can watch that it is colored cloth the strings of turning take the "S" shape in winding additionally through visual examination of strands and examination of comparative specimens by light minuscule to clarify morphological appearance we can say that it made of material in twist and weft (Kourkoumelis, 2013).
2nd Piece
The second piece is like the past one fit as a fiddle and general portrayal furthermore, it could be colored in coloring

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