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1. Selena 's father says it is difficult to be a Mexican-American. Why does he say that?

He says this because he feels the Mexicans want you to be more Mexican and the Americans want you to be more American.

2. Selena and her brother don 't seem to be as bothered by the difficulties the father describes. Why do they not share his feelings?

Things had changed since the time their father grew up and both the Americans and the Mexicans had become more accepting of cultural differences.

3. Selena 's Spanish is seen as a potential problem for her in Mexico by her father. Has anyone else ever felt their Spanish was being judged, by anyone anywhere? Why do you think Selena was able to overcome this problem in Mexico? Why was she so …show more content…

pop music because other artists had already broken the barrier of this new trend of genre combinations. Selena was making a crossover to dance music similar to Paula Abdul or Madonna.

11. Also consider, Selena 's husband and guitar player, Chris. Chris was a heavy metal/rock musician. Why did he agree to play in Selena 's band? In what sense is the heavy metal culture Mexican-American, Chicano, Anglo? Are there aspects of culture in the U.S. which

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