Self Analysis and Personality Diagnostic Tests

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Self Analysis and Personality Diagnostic Tests People are created uniquely and different one to another, which results in character and personality differences. The needs of socialising and workplace purposes, such as career development and organisation effectiveness have ‘forced’ people to be more aware and understand their potentials through self-analysis. It requires people to assess themselves as an object in particular event or experience, which enables people to gain self-awareness (De Janasz, Wood, Gottschalk, Dowd, and Schneider, 2007, p.8). Self-awareness is the ability of an individual in assessing others’ evaluations of self and incorporate those evaluations in one self-evaluation, which then would help determine his…show more content…
People who score high in agreeableness means that people is trusting, humble, and more to a team player (De Janasz, Wood, Gottschalk, Dowd, and Schneider, 2007, p.23). Conscientiousness is the drive to accomplish something, therefore people who have high score in conscientiousness are usually more organised and dependable (De Raad, Perugini (2002, p.8). Meanwhile, a person who scores high in emotional stability can be described as reactive while also worrying. Lastly, an individual who has high score in openness usually are curious, liberal, and has broad interests. In the Big Five Model, I had high score at Emotional Stability, which means that I have a weak emotional stability, whose characteristics such as excitable, reactive but also worrying and easily stressed (De Janasz, Wood, Gottschalk, Dowd, and Schneider, 2007, p.23). Meanwhile in Agreeableness, I had low score, which means I am a challenger, who tend to be questioning, cautious and inflexible. This result actually challenges my Personal Style Inventory (MBTI) result which show I am a perceiver who tend to be more flexible. In the reality, according to my observation, as well as close friends’ I tend to be perceiver as I am relatively flexible to changes, for example is during organising an event, rather than easily get stressed when there is sudden changes at the last minute, I still managed to think
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