Comparing The Mbt, The Neo Ipip Big Five Personality, And The Via Character Strengths Survey Essay

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Introduction The MBT, the NEO-ipip Big Five Personality, and the VIA Character Strengths Survey are three personality inventories that can help to show people what traits they have and do not have, and what traits they should try to lessen or work on. My findings from these tests showed me some things that I knew and agreed with, however, I also got some results that were surprising and made me think about how I come across and who I am as a person.
Findings from Each of the Inventories
My four-letter MBTI profile is ISFJ.
Big Five My score on Extraversion was 8. The facets of Extraversion and what I got on each are Friendliness 3, Gregariousness 2, Assertiveness 28, Activity Level 90, Excitement Level 8, and Cheerfulness 12. My score on Agreeableness was 86. The facets of Agreeableness and what I got on each are Trust 95, Morality 45, Altruism 79, Cooperation 44, Modesty 86, and Sympathy 79. My score on Conscientiousness was 51. The facets of Conscientiousness and what I got on each are Self-Efficacy 21, Orderliness 68, Dutifulness 72, Achievement-Striving 81, Self-Discipline 91, and Cautiousness 1. My score on Neuroticism was 99. The facets of Neuroticism and what I got on each are Anxiety 98, Anger 94, Depression 94, Self-Consciousness 89, Immoderation 87, and Vulnerability 99. My score on Openness to Experience was 1. The facets of Openness to Experience and what I got on each are Imagination 14, Artistic Interests 1, Emotionality 70, Adventurousness 1,

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