Self Ananlysis Test

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Self Analysis Report
Behaviour in Organizations
Submitted by: Ajitha Katakam (PGP25249)

I. WHAT ABOUT ME? A. Personality Insights
1. What’s My Basic Personality? Extraversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Openness to Experience 2. What my Jungian 16-type personality? (ISTJ etc.) 3. Am I type — A? 4. How well do I handle Ambiguity? 5. How creative am I ? 7 11 8 10 10 INTP 105 (A-) 28 -5 Attach Value Filled Questionnaire 34 55 -3

B. Values and Attitude Insights
1. What do I value? 2. How involved am I in my job? 3. How satisfied am I with my job? 4. What are my attitudes towards workplace diversity?

C. Motivation Insights
1. What motivates me? Growth needs Relatedness needs Existence needs 2. What are my
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: PGP25249

What do I Value?

What Rewards I value most?

How do my ethics rate?

How good am I at personal Planning?

My Big Five scores indicate moderate scores on all the five factors. The Jungian type is INTP which suggests that I am socially cautious, enjoy problem solving and highly conceptual. My score of 105 on the type- A test shows that I am A- suggesting I have a few traits of type- A personality. I can tolerate ambiguity but I am not creative. My most important terminal values are Pride in accomplishment, lasting friendships and Happiness where as my most important Instrumental values are Truthfulness (honesty), Assertiveness and Education & intellectual pursuits. I have moderate job involvement, low job satisfaction and am pessimistic to work place diversity. My motivation for growth, relatedness and existence are high and on the same level. My dominant need is for achievement and the least is for affiliation. I am flexible in my perception of others, have strong course performance goals and strong self-efficacy. I have a very low job motivating potential and moderate response to job enrichment. My score on procrastination is towards the lower side suggesting I do not postpone or delay often. Though my ethics in some areas are concurrent with the majority they differ in most areas. I have EQ close to strong
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