Self Defeating Behaviour

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Word Count:-2,423 DESCRIBE AND EVALUATE TWO APPROACHES TO THE TREATMENT OF SELF-DEFEATING BEHAVIOUR. THE APPROACHES SHOULD BE SELECTED FROM THOSE INTRODUCED IN MODULE 5. In this essay I will try and demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the title, by describing and evaluating two approaches of the treatment of self-defeating behaviour. INTRODUCTION Self-defeating behaviour is a behaviour used to cope with a traumatic situation. It is then repeatedly used but often has a damaging effect on the person. This can be identified as being deliberate or intentional behaviour that has a clear, definite or probably negative effect. People are more likely to have a self-defeating or destructive manner when either there are threats made…show more content…
Basically because of that teacher in my childhood I had given up on studying. But later in life I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I then realised that I wasn’t thick or stupid. I realised that I am capable of studying, but it doesn’t stop the feelings of self-doubt and the lack of confidence. I often use humour to my daily life to overcome this lack of confidence. Consciously, I know that I’m doing this, but unconsciously, my mind is keeping me safe by making me defensive and by hiding behind my humour. These issues are so deep rooted that they have become part of my everyday life so I don’t even know that I am doing it. How we minimise the effects of self-defeating behaviour so that they can continue. We all justify why we do things. Almost by habit, explaining and reasoning our behaviours to other. We basically ignore the damaging effects they have on us and others around us. For example: - My dad. He has been a drunk all my life. In his own words: “I’m retired now. I’ve worked for fifty odd years. Don’t a man deserve a drink?” So he has been drinking for so long he doesn’t even see that drinking a bottle of Gin or Whiskey a day has any effect on him or on anyone else. He sits and says: “Don’t know why your mum left me.” My answer: “Because of the drink.” His answer: “No it wasn’t. I didn’t drink when you children were young. I couldn’t afford to. She was just a lazy cow”. Rather
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