Self Discipline, Hard Work, And Drive

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Self-discipline, hard work, and drive have all led me to where I currently am. I am grateful and proud to be the first person in my family to pursue a master’s degree. My parents migrated from Mexico with little advanced education and were able to establish a successful business to provide a great life for my siblings and me. My parents showed me that through hard work and determination one could prosper despite the odds. These values have been instilled in me and in everything I do, whether in work, academics, relationships, sports, or internships; I stay dedicated and involve myself in various organizations while managing a full-time school workload. Through experience, I have noticed that I work better under pressure and while multitasking.
Not only did I learn a lot from my parents, but I also started gaining an interest for all aspects of the criminal justice system and found my passion through listening to their experiences. It began originally with immigration and the opportunities for growth in the United States that other countries do not have to offer. While I was in high school, I debated greatly entering the military, but decided against it and instead reached for a higher education. Initially, when I decided to study criminal justice, it was because I was interested in working as a special agent for the FBI. After taking a multitude of classes in diverse subjects like juvenile justice, penal policies, immigration and identity, and much more I realized that I

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