Review: Good To Great By Jim Collins

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Good to Great written by Jim Collins although written to describe the characteristics of successful businesses can also reflect upon oneself and the way in which we can grow to become not just good but better people. In his book Collins describes some of the leaders as having some qualities that many people may not picture when thinking of a great leader some of the qualities being “self- effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy” this is important because it goes back to something learned at one point in most people’s lives do not judge a book by its cover some people may come from different parts of the world, have different backgrounds or live a different lifestyle but this doesn’t affect the way in which they make themselves grow as a person …show more content…

At a young age I learned thanks to my parents that hard work pays off… only if you are putting in all your effort. Coming to the United States and beginning school were some of the hardest things that I have been through in my life the language barrier was one of the toughest things to surpass but by having people along the way to support me helped me thrive . Being supported by my parents teachers and peers has shaped me into the person I am today; not only do they set standards for me but I set standards for myself and try my best to make all those who have been with me along the way proud, just like Collins describes when he speaks of the thoughts of a successful CEO after leaving his company and seeing the great thing he has transformed a once failing business into. That CEO has not only done something good for himself but also for his companions who once worked alongside him in order to make the company thrive and continue growing after his departure. I can see myself in him because being the first in my family to attend college I am setting an example for the younger people such as my siblings and cousins making them more eager to learn and continue on to have a college education in the …show more content…

They picked out companies that were “independent of the industry” I thought that they were going to pick companies that were similar to other companies but always did well instead they picked companies that were different yet still flourished. This is important to me because I feel that being different than everyone else makes you stick out more for example in an interview if you answer everything in the same manner that everyone else did they won’t remember you when picking someone to hire yet if you give them something special to remember about you it’s more likely that you are picked for the position. They often look at your qualifications to see if you would be the best for the job and this is where Collins uses a great example when he says that sometimes they have the right people but put them in the wrong positions and they often make the mistake of making all the good workers fix problems rather than giving them opportunities such was the incident with George Weissman who worked in a top position then was demoted to work with international affairs, while everyone thought he had done something wrong and was demoted he was actually put in the position by Joe Cullman for the benefit of the company. Weissman eventually lead that branch of the company magnificently making Marlboro the best-selling

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