Self Discipline : How Do I Change From A Procrastinator On A Hard Working Student?

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130 FOLLOWERS Shaun Ivan Muzic Mike Leary Michael Kimani James Foley Alex Chen Fiona Adigun Quora User Quora User Pernille Elveberg Jordan McGilvray Last asked: 25 Aug QUESTION TOPICS Self-Discipline Procrastination QUESTION STATS Views20,106 Followers130 Edits Self-Discipline: How do I change from a procrastinator to a hard working student? I 'm a very lazy student and have procrastinated SO much in my life, and I want to stop doing it. I 'm currently entering 4th year of medicine, my grades are above average, but I could be much, much better. Tomorrow I have one of my exams, which I will fail because I 've been avoiding any contact with the book - but I know that as soon as the situation becomes inevitable, I 'll study it. But I don 't want to do that anymore!! I want to be better than anyone else. I don 't want to be mediocre anymore. I would really like to be a good student, and few things would make me so happy. But I keep going back to old habits, watching anime and TV series, or doing whatever it takes to not study. I 'd REALLY like to be the person I want to be. It 's hard, though. What I 'm asking is if there is a sure way to do it, to change my life. Should I do it cold turkey? Or gradually? Is there such a thing as work-play balance and should I keep it? Please tell me if you had any similar experiences, I really want to change. And I want the change to last. I don 't want to procrastinate ever again. I have read a lot of books about Zen, Power of Now,

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