Self Driving Trucks Essay

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Self driving trucks are a raging topic in today's society. The thought of a vehicle that can drive without a person behind the wheel is amazing within itself. Companies like Otto, Volvo, Daimler, and Peterbilt are sponsoring this idea. The rumor of self driving trucks has been going around for awhile now but people are finally taking action. A self driving truck is a vehicle that is controlled by a built in system that is monitored by someone. Self driving trucks do not have a person behind the wheel but it does have a company or a specific person monitoring it. These new vehicles are being made because workers and businesses are trying to see if a computer can drive safer than a human. It is a possibility that self driving trucks will …show more content…

If the people of the world have self driving trucks on the highway instead of humans, people will not have to worry whether they are going to get smashed by an 18-wheeler. Without a human on the road the truck is not able to make a mistake or drive incorrectly. If self driving trucks were to be released to the world, the supplies that are being transported will get to their destination a lot faster. If a human is not behind the wheel, there will be no reason to stop for diesel or food while the truck is on the highway. The self driving trucks will save companies much more money because they will just have to buy the technology for the truck and not have to pay workers. The company will also no longer have to pay for diesel money on the trip to the trucks destination. If self driving trucks are released there will be no need for a person behind the wheel. Truckers will now be able to spend time with their families and do not have to be away for long periods of time. Truckers can now get a job closer to where they live and be a father or a mother to their kids if they have any. Self driving trucks are not controlled by people but are controlled by machinery. There is either someone monitoring the truck from a different state or there is a chip in the trucks system. Most people think that a self driving truck is not safe because computers can be hacked. Being hacked is the biggest threat for self driving trucks. It

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