Self-Image Among Adolescent Girls: The Influence Of Social Media

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Why are we so pressured to be perfect, especially with social media? Why now? What has changed? While advertising has existed for decades, teens, specifically females, have never felt this much pressure to have the “ideal body.” Social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, have overtaken a substantial part in teenagers’ lives. Everyone wants to earn the most likes, have the most followers, and receive the most retweets, which stimulates a great deal of psychological pressure. A social media subcategory of advertising has become the main contributor to poor self-image in young adults today. While this phenomenon affects each teenager differently and to varying degrees, young women tend to feel the most detrimental effects.
While this phenomenon affects each teenager differently, it does occur often. Research supports the notion that social media has increased the poor self-image of young adults. According to Haley Raney, author of “Social media affects
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Not many people know exactly what low self-esteem is, but Daniel Clay, Helga Dittmar, and Vivian Vignoles all explain it in the article “Body Image and Self-Esteem Among Adolescent Girls: Testing the Influence of Sociocultural Factors.” They explain how exposure to thin-ideal TV is associated with a rise in eating disorder symptoms in adolescent girls. “Among young college women, greater media exposure was linked directly with more eating disorder symptoms and indirectly through stronger internalization of the ideal-body stereotype—with greater body dissatisfaction” (Clay). The more people are exposed to social media the more that they will start to make themselves look like the models or the actors on TV by making themselves throw up. Teenagers shouldn’t compare themselves to people on TV or models on ads and billboards. Teenagers actually don’t realize that the women they see on billboards, TV, and ads aren’t
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