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First, in relation to the work, I believe that if I cannot make better efforts on normal tasks, even the trivial one, then how can I expect to do more challenge things in the future? Everyone wants to reveal their abilities and to be famous including me. But, maybe I should focus on small things and prepare for big things’ coming. If I do not want to do something routine and trivial, I can figure out the creative method to be more efficient. I believe that the companies and managers would like employees could make more contribution in a smart way and save more cost and time. Take me for example, I serviced at Qualcomm Inc. before. At the beginning, they did not know where my ability is, and they gave me very routine test on each firmware version. However, I programmed some testing automation, therefore, I can test them automatically on many computers simultaneously and receive data accurately. Most of the time I just maintained and updated the code. After that, I appreciated that my manager had promoted me to other tasks in System on Chips (SoC), it was more challenging than before and let me have the opportunity to cooperate with different people and broad my scope. Right now, I am a beginner in the Subsea field. All I have to do is focus on my homework and study step by step. Beside my school works, I have to get in touch with industries, to see which stage they have developed in this field. Also, I can prepare the skills they might need right now. All big things are

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