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“I Need To Be Myself, I Can’t Be Anyone Else.” “I was born to be true and not to be perfect,” Epey said in his speech. Epey is the winner of the trending segment in It’s Showtime – That’s My Tomboy. In this segment, they (lesbians) let me, the madlang people and the world to see their worth as a lesbian and as a human. They also made me believe that all of us can be accepted in the society beyond our imperfections, because no matter how imperfect we are, there are still things that we must be proud of and things that we must treasure – our abilities, skills, talents, and personalities and us, being true to ourselves, and our family, friends, and loved ones. I am Joanne Mae Labio. I believe that there is no one who knows you so much but…show more content…
But most specially, I am proud because I know myself, and I am being true to myself, not just because it’s the right thing, but because it is what I want, and this is where I can be fulfilled – when I, myself accept who I am, what’s my worth, and what I am capable of. I need to be myself, I can’t be anyone

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