Self Assessment And Realization Of Being

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I recognized I was “other” at the age of 4 and 17. I was tease about my accent entering into pre-school and mocked in college. I’m from a Jamaican Descent, we speak “patios” and it was a language spoken in my household growing up. I never forgot where my family came from and our family kept us cultural linked to our heritage. As a child, I never understood which made me feel uncomfortable about my accent. My surrounding grew cultural diverse and was economically embraced. Growing up, everybody wanted to be Jamaican. It was a cultural shock attending Alabama State University in the south. Though I was mocked, southern loved how I spoke and became memorized by my voice. I understood young that people are brought up differently, view life differently, reacts differently and respond differently. Reactions to Self-Assessment and Realization of Being “Other”…show more content…
Nobody is perfect and through experience we gain the strength to blossom into better people. Individuals face challenges that cause them to react bitter, instead of responding in a way that they would like to be treated. Everyone has their own identity, which uniquely separates us. People should be accepting and considerate of others, we were all created differently but we should remain equal. I vow to treat people fair no matter their race, ethnicity, gender or other multiculturalism. We as a people should self-reflect on how our response would help, change or affect another. My reaction to being “other” and understanding self-assessment acquiesces me to live by the Golden Rule “Treat others as you want to be treated.” My view of being the “other” has made me humble, compassionate, understanding and judgment free. These qualities allow me to be patient, kind and attentive to others and these qualities are utile in
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