Seminar Session Preparation Response Essay

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Seminar Session Preparation Response After reading the articles assigned, I learned many important concepts that future and current students all around the world should think about. From the first article titled “Today’s Students Have a New Way of Looking at Free Speech,” I learned that in our modern society it is much easier to make comments online as an anonymous person. In particular, this enhances humanities ability to speak freely and assertively by challenging the claim made, or providing back up information. However, I am aware that this anonymous, free speech could lead to issues such as harassment that can cross certain boundaries. I do believe that our free speech is worth the ups and downs to help us gain a variety of views and knowledge in general. The second article, “Millennials Are Creating a More Inclusive and Just World,” stood out as an important article. Using free and open speech is important, but what is even more important is speaking out about major issues openly with others to spread awareness or at least some sort of understanding. In this article, it focuses on students who endure sexual assault who come forward to speak about it. I learned that the affected students are learning how to effectively and appropriately share their stories and spread awareness while doing so in an ethical and academic way. Also, from the article online titled, “The Coddling of the American Mind,” I learned that many campuses around the world do not allow

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