Thapa 2: Texas State District Senate

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Thapa 2 Hadim Thapa Professor Sharifian GOVT 2306 09/29/17 In United States political system, senate has more power than house of representative.
They can address their problem up to Congress members. So, I would like to run for the Senator of Texas State District Senate 16 and help the community to address their problem.
I reside in 3802 William Dahaes Drive of Irving City which is District 16 of Senate. 1 The current senator of my district is Don Huffines. The district is gerrymandered. 2 The overall population of my district is 846,307. In my district, most of the population of the district is employed. Many people are involved in private sector while few of them are in government sector. The economy of my district is good, since most …show more content…

Immigrants are giving lot of their money as taxes, working on the field of technology, health and education. I am always supporting them and will do as a Senator as well.
I don’t think the people of my district should be waiting federal government for the basic right such as health and education. As an ambassador of people, I need to address their needs to the state government and should make them enjoy their basic rights. Racial discrimination and treating them accordingly will be zero tolerance. This is very offensive and cruel factor that is pulling down the peace and stability of United States. Immigrants will be the targeted group for the development of my district. Their skilled manpower and technical support will be the key factor to develop the economy of my district. I believe that a busy people will never think for crime as a jobless people does. I will try to increase opportunities around so that people will have busy time and work. Still, security will be the factor of concerned. I will give my best to maintain peace in my district.
Hereby, all my concerned and matter showed me as a democrat. In fact, I am in the support of immigrants, for the welfare of American and for the development of economy. For all these, I believe on democrats and I think democratic give more opportunity to immigrants who come here by different means. In my district 16, I will encourage ethical, cultural and nationality diversity. I will promote culture and tradition of all the

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