Senior Year Research Paper

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The first year of high school is always scary. It is no longer going to school with people the same age, but instead going to school with people who are 18 years old. The first couple of days are nerve wracking and scary, freshman are at the bottom of the high school food chain and it is rare for people to graduate with people they came in with. It’s important to try hard in school, go to football games/school dances, stay involved, and not get caught up in petty drama. Freshman year, fresh meat, Freshy, frosh, and newbie are just some of the nicknames that freshman are called. It doesn’t happen or at least it didn’t happen often to me. I don’t have much recollection of an upper classmen coming up to me and saying I don’t like freshman or anything of that sort. I did know of some seniors in my culinary class when I was a freshman, they were all nice and never bad mouthed the freshman which was about half of the class. The upperclassmen aren’t as mean as they seem in freshman year, having class with them made me see that it’s just the perception that we have when in fact most of them are nice unless you get in their way. Besides the seniors freshman …show more content…

Walking into school on the first day of senior year is bitter-sweet, its academically easier, but even when not in school it’s still difficult, having college applications to turn in, jobs, and waiting for graduation. So far, senior year has been fun and eventful, right after junior year ended summer kicked off with the senior bonfire. Senior sunrise was fun, even though the sun didn’t rise and it was freezing, but it was fun because of the people I was with. Balancing academics, school functions, and work is hard, but in the end it’s all worth it because of the memories that are made during this time that’ll make it all worthwhile. There are more activities to come for senior year that involve everyone and graduation is coming up in less than a

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