Sentencing Of The Criminal Code

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Introduction The Criminal Code is a federal law that authorizes the federal government to legislate illicit acts of crime in Canada. The Criminal Code not only defines conduct that constitutes criminal behaviour, but establishes the type and to what degree of punishment the offender will face once convicted of a crime. Through the analysis of facts with regards to Nina’s case, this paper will identify and examine the main objectives of sentencing. Furthermore, this paper will explore both aggravating and mitigating factors, along with sentencing options that will help determine an appropriate sentence for Nina.
Main Objectives of Sentencing Section 718 of the Criminal Code provides both the purpose of sentencing, as well as specific objectives that a judge must consider while sentencing delinquents who are convicted of crimes in Canada. The main objectives of sentencing in Nina’s case include: denunciation of unlawful conduct; deterrence (general and specific); rehabilitation; promotion of a sense of responsibility in offenders and acknowledgement of harm done to victims, as well as reparations to victims. Although each of these sentencing objectives could be applied to Nina’s case, only the three most relevant objectives will be explored . The first sentencing objective to be examined with regards to Nina’s case is denunciation of unlawful conduct. As an objective of sentencing, the purpose of denunciation is to identify the disapproval of society towards a specific

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