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Synopsis The recording is based on research founded by Nazgol Ghandnoosh, who is a research analyst for the sentencing project. The sentencing project is a non-profit group that advocates for the criminal justice reform. She also, is an author of a report called “Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies, which is about her study of police shootings disproportionately affecting African American and how media coverage shows racial bias against African American. In addition, a 2002 survey found that people made an estimate that 40 percent of those that committed violent crimes were African American, but the real percentage was only 29 percent. According to Nazgol Ghandnoosh (2015), a research …show more content…

Also, they don’t get a clear understanding of how often American Americans are victims of these crimes themselves. In my opinion I think that the media should stop trying to make African Americans and Hispanics look bad and provide the general public with a true depiction of crimes committed by these ethnic groups. Findings on how victims are depicted Based on the research of Ghandnoosh, that in the media blacks are likely to be shown in custody and not named, then whites. The reason is because when you have a named white suspect in custody then the problem and the crime becomes more localized and associated with that person. However, when the suspect is unnamed and Black, then it makes the individuals seems more dangerous, which feeds into the stereotypes about African Americans. According to Darron T. Smith (2013), Ph.D., “Once these representations of African Americans become accustomed and accepted, they tend to fuel misperceptions and disseminate misunderstandings among the “races”. In addition, with research being conducted, as it relates to recent police shootings the problem is what individuals expect to be implicit bias among the officers. The problem is individuals are looking at the situation and assessing it to be a threat. The underlying issue is that everyone has an

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