September 11, 2001

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On September 11, 2001, the great nation of America faced one of its most problematic issues in its history. At the time, the events that occurred on 9/11 were so catastrophic that immediate action was taken by our former president, George W. Bush. Worried about the repercussions towards the well being and state of minds of the people of his nation, he addressed the entire nation in an attempt to assure everyone that America still remains strong and resilient, and most importantly functioning. George Bush was called upon to address the nation, America was currently suffering loss, experiencing fear, and despair. Bush’s objective was to reassure Americans to feel comforted in such dark times. He relates to his audience as he identifies them as innocent victims.Bush ultimately had to convince America, and other nations, of the logic behind the actions he claims and the responsibilities he takes on as leader of our country. The former president also evokes certain emotions from the viewers in order to gain their trust. Bush ultimately utilized key concepts such as ethos and pathos, but only to an extent. In his speech, George Bush uses ethos to establish his demeanor. He immediately responds to the attacks, stating “our military is powerful, and it’s prepared.” His actions speaking for him, he implements the government’s emergency response plans. Reassuring that America is not a pushover and is ready to defend its self if necessary. “Our first priority is to get help to those

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