Serial Killer : Serial Killers

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What is a serial killer? Serial killers are very sick and distraught compared to others. As indicated by the Vancouver Sun, a serial killer is characterized as somebody who is responsible for more than three killings over a period that than traverses over one month.In 2005 the fbi changed it to at least two killings with no reference to intention or time span. Generally, serial killers murder for some kind of mental benefit. Serial Killers can come in all shapes and sizes: don 't be tricked by moxy, charm, and attractiveness.The MO is basically the way the predator commits the crime. While the MO tells us something about how he did it, the signature gives us some insight into why.The signature is a ritual, something the subject does intentionally for emotional satisfaction. The MO could be changed throughout the time of the killings. Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway are two serial killers with some similarity in their style but different MO’s.
Known as the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway is responsible for at least 49 murders in Washington state before he was caught in 2001.Between 1982 and 1998, he picked up young women many of them were said to be alleged prostitutes or runaways. Gary Ridgway would usually pick up his victims along the South Pacific Highway in Seattle,Washington. He would show the victim a picture of his son in order to gain their trust. Gary would have sex with the victim and then pay afterwards. Following sex, Gary would strangle his victims to death. He

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