Servant Leadership Research And Application Paper

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Servant Leadership Research and Application Paper Kim Harrington Grand Canyon University: LDR - 630 November 8, 2015 Servant Leadership Research and Application Paper Introduction There are many leadership an organization can used to help improve their organizations, the main focus for this paper will be on Servant leadership and it will contrast and compare them it to tow other leadership models. Servant leadership is a model that is becoming more and more popular in modern leadership environments. Servant leadership can be used to help many organizations change their processes and make improvements to make it a better work environment for the staff and clients. By using the servant leadership model to help the organization meet their mission and vision to take them to the next level in their organization. Concept of Servant Leadership Servant Leadership first developed in the 1970’s by Robert K. Greenleaf. According to Greanleaf, servant leaders are leaders who put other people’s needs, aspirations and interests above their own (Sendjaya & Sarros, 2002). In this model leaders are expected to serve their employees first before they lead. They want to be able to grow their employees, motivate them and help them become the best that they can be. This concept is very different from other models whereas it puts the employees first above themselves. This can be a hard concept for some leaders. According to Northouse, 2013, servant leadership emphasizes that leaders be
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