Service Learning Team Reflection Paper

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Working with the Service Learning team has shown many of my classmates just what exactly the real world looks like. For many of them I assume this was there first time doing a project of this nature and seeing this sort of chaos. Luckily for many of them this project was handled mainly by a few strong leaders of the class and the majority of them only needed to follow behind and assist with very small mundane tasks. Although some tried to help and get involved it was very noticeable that their efforts were halfhearted, and quickly they would back out of conversation and sit quietly waiting for a decision to be made. Although this sounds harsh and condescending it's by no means meant to take away from their efforts. They all showed up when told to and they each interacted with the children or at least helped us get ready for the activities.
As my part in this group I took on ensuring the snack was provided, and that each station had what they needed and was ready to begin their activity. I personally
Handled our budget Purchased
Briefed each group on what the snack was
Which one had what in it so as to avoid any allergies
As well as that they would have extra and should hold off giving it out as everyone wouldn't be able to get seconds. This was the direct piece that I was given to handle. Outside of this I inputted my own life experience into discussions to help us get to a solution during each part of the planning processes. At any point when the

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