Setting, Circumstances, And Background Of The Censors

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I chose to write about the setting, circumstances, and background of the Censors. This story is written by Luisa Valenzuela. In this story, she depicts a young man writing to his love. Knowing that the mail would be checked several times, and very thoroughly before it was sent, if it was to be sent at all, he wrote his words very cautiously. The man wanted his letter to be sent very badly, so he signed up to become one of the censors. He moved up ranks until he finally saw his letter. Newly loyal to his job, he turned himself in for what he wrote. His actions against his original wishes lead to his death. This story takes place in Argentina during the mid-20th century. (Valenzuela) The situation of the Argentine citizens in the Censors was…show more content…
A few days later he married Eva, who was extremely influential in the later years. In 1946, Perón ran in and won, the election for President. He emphasized industrialization. Perón used the term “Third Position” to describe his position, what he felt was “an authoritarian and populist system between communism and capitalism.” Perón, for various reasons, was liked by many people. He helped the economy and made few enemies with the citizens of Argentina. The people absolutely adored Evita, which helped Perón in his elections and in staying in office. Overall, Juan Perón and his Perónists provided a government that Argentina needed. In the preceding paragraph, the details brought out mainly contain information about Perón’s first term. During his second term, Perón was liked by the majority of the people, a contributing factor this time including his efforts to keep his opposition quiet. Those who opposed him would be arrested, some tortured, even some killed. He closed their press, took their leaders and persecuted many of them, others being exiled. This is part of what I feel the Censors is based on. This was a time when many things were regulated. Before the end of his second term, Perón was ousted from Argentina and placed into exile. He spent his exile in Paraguay first, then Venezuela, Panama, and the Dominican Republic before settling in Spain. Meanwhile, in Argentina, the new government took many efforts to have the people forget about Perón. They

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