Fahrenheit 451 : The Burning Truth

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Abdulmalik Alnagadi
Doctor Clare Little
Humanities 142

“Fahrenheit 451”: The Burning Truth
Fahrenheit 451 is the actual temperature at which paper catches fire. The story by Ray Bradbury represents a social criticism that alarms individuals against the risk of suppressing their feelings due to restrictions. The fascinating story of Bradbury, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is interestingly well constructed. It can be clearly recognized that the book broadens the idea of a short story that the author wrote entitled “Bright phoenix." Although the story is considered as a science fiction work, it has led to the significant display of the author’s ability in style and idea writing. Bradbury has successfully applied imagery in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and has shown how people in the society lead dehumanized and dangerous lives (Hamilton, Tim, and Ray Bradbury 2009). In essence, the use of imagery is strong in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ which seeks to explain how society behaves in circumstances of oppression.
The story has successfully applied fiction to show people how oppressive the government is through the process of censorship. It hinders the both originality and liberty of its people. The story’s central idea is that there is a popular fiction that illustrates how the society has successfully installed order at the cost of people’s rights and freedom. Furthermore, the book expresses how risky it is for the government or society to outlaw books just because they provide ideas,
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