Settlement in the Canadian Maritime Provinces Essay

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“New France was not merely the settlement of a few fur traders.” The Acadians were “a pastoral-like people who once formed a proud nation in a land called Acadia.” Although falling under the jurisdiction of “New France,” the Acadians governed separately than the rest of the country and were an independent entity within New France. Today, “the Acadians are the French speaking population of the Canadian Maritime provinces,” and these are the Acadians that were not displaced during the expulsions, under British rule. Acadia’s beginnings, with the construction of Port Royal, could have marked the colony for success, but instead, led to a troubling conclusion for the European descendents. Through failed leadership, two
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This settlement became the capital of Acadia and would remain so until the expulsion in 1713, interrupted only for three years, from 1610-1613, when Port Royal briefly fell under British rule. Although the population of Port Royal grew slowly at first, the French settlers lived well, farming and hunting. However, Port Royal was difficult to navigate, due to the constant flooding and unstable building materials.
Although [in 1687] Port Royal is the largest settlement, it contains only nine or ten buildings the others being barns. All the houses are low, made of pieces of wood … covered with thatch.

Despite the fertile ground, providing the Acadians with a diverse diet, it would be a struggle to defend Port Royal in times of discord. The fort itself also often fell into disrepair, as it was difficult to maintain when flooding constantly eroded the riverbank. Due to this fertile ground, Port Royal became desirable to the growing British empire. Despite the failing fort, the British settlers became interested in Port Royal and realized the potential of the marshland. “Farming was the main, but not only, occupation of the Acadians.” These people successfully grew a diverse diet including root vegetables, grains, fruit, and other vegetables, as well as raising pigs, cattle, and sheep. This aided in flourishment of the Acadian people but also turned the settlement into a potential conquest for the English Colonies.
Other Acadian Settlements
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